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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

 Here are 10 good reasons to try a food tour on your next Italy holiday and taste the real Italian food.

1. Local experience

A food tour gives you a local experience, you explore the best city's eatieries and have the opportunity to interact with locals.

2. Eat like a local

When travelling abroad sometimes it can be difficult to find the best local eats and avoid tourist traps. A food tour guarantees you will be tasting the best and most authentic dishes the city has to offer.

3. Small group tours

Food tours are always intimate with no more of 10-15 people in a tour. This gives you the possibility to have more attention from your local foodie guide.

4. Organization

A food tour is well organized and avoid queues and waisting time. All visits are planned and you get priority access to local food stores and eataries.

5. Carefully selected food stores

During a food tour you are introduced to the best and most authentic local eateries in the city, carefully selected by your local foodie guide to ensure you the best local experience.

6. Local foodie guide

Your host is a local foodie guide, who will entertain you with stories, legends and jokes only the local knows and that you can't find on a guide book. Your local insider will describe you the city life and the dishes you are tasting, thieir ingredients, preparation, tradition.

7. Local culture

This is not a boring guided tour. You will be learning about the culture, the neighborhoods, the local tradtitions, recipes, ingredients, special monuments and landmarks and more.

8. Delicious tastings

Go hungry! Enough food is served, so that, lunch or dinner afterwards is not needed. You will be tasting a the best local dishes and food produce. A progressive big meal based on real Italian food!

9. Engage all senses

All senses are engaged on a food tour: see the beauty of a city, its colors, higlights; smell the aromas of the food markets, taste delicious dishes, feel the flavours of the various foods and the vibes of the city, and hear the sounds of the city.

10. Cost saving

A food tour is an all-inclusive one. Everything is included: your foodie guide, food & wine tastings, orientation tour of the city, and reservations. You can enjoy your culinary journey and don’t need to worry about routes, finding a place, ordering food, paying bills, reservations, etc… Everything is taken care!



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