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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The winning recipe stars a historical restaurant, a legendary dish and a young association of food enthusiasts.

Restaurant Diana, is a symbol in Bologna: located at the corner between narrow Via Volturno and large Via Indipendenza. But what is mostly surprising is that this time the reward is not assigned to the best Tortellini or Lasagna, but rather to the most delicious cotoletta alla bolognese.

This recipe is secular in Bologna and a real lust for the palate. It’s a slice of veal or chicken, coated in freshly grated breadcrums and beated eggs, fried and covered with some thin slices of Prosciutto and a mouth-watering, cheesy cream obtained by the Parmigiano Reggiano sprinkled on the cotoletta at the end of the cooking.

The long coveted reward was assigned by the “friends of the Petroniana”, a company of rigorously locals in their 30s, that since 2014 “reseved the difficult task to test a different cotoletta every Wednesday”, as president Andrea Diolaiti said.

The restaurant’ director, Eros Palmirani, showed proud of his new reward and promised he will do his best to win it once again in 2019.

In the picture, Diana’s director Eros Palmirani and Silvano Librenti, the magic-handed chef.


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