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Bologna Food Walking Tour

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The guide was very informative about the city and the food was amazing.

I informed him at the start that I didn't eat meat (to his surprise). How could you visit a gastronomy city like Bologna and not eat meat!) - starting with a visit to the city's famous chocolate shop (with samples!) then off for a charcuterie board of local ham & cheese (for me just he made the exception and ordered just cheese) including wine at a local delicatessen which was just for starters!! It was then off for pasta lunch with more wine, and if that wasn't enough we also visited the local historic cake shop (again with samples) and to top it all off, Italian ice cream. 

We would definitely recommend this tour if you are in Bologna, but be warned, food is plentiful so no need for breakfast and you certainly won't need lunch.

Sarah, United Kingdom



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