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Wow! I drove a Ferrari!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The day before the trip they called my cellphone to confirm the pick up place. How nice and personal! They picked us up at the Apple store which was just a 4 minute walk from our hotel. The people were so nice on this tour. The guide Andrea was so patient and really had a passion for his work, He seemed to really care about us. The only problem is now I am comepletely spoiled by the cheese, prosciutto and the balsamic vinegar! I can’t even begin to express the difference in taste. The cheese had a most pleasant after taste. The prosciutto did melt in my mouth! It was so amazing. 
Before we went on the tour I didn’t care about the vinegar....until I got educated about how long it takes to make it and the taste of this aged balsamic sweet, rich and full bodied. I now understand how very precious it is. 
We were offered the opportunity to buy the products but not pushed. 
Then.....the thrill of a lifetime...I chose to do the optional test drive and no way would I ever believe that I would be driving a Ferrari Spider 488! Since I am 62 years old, I know I have to live life to the fullest while I still can. The instructor was so great. He was kind and patient and somehow got me to push past my fears and drive full speed on Italian roads! It sounds like a long day but it didn’t feel like was just a great day!



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